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Out of State License DUIs

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Most states are members of the Driver's License Compact or DLC. Under the terms of this agreement, member states exchange driving record information. If you are arrested for DUI in California and have your license suspended, this information can be transmitted to your home state. This may affect your driving privileges at home until the record is cleared. All states treat DUI charges as serious criminal offenses and it is important, therefore, to enlist the aid of a Pasadena DUI lawyer when you are facing DUI charges in our state.

If you face charges here, the state has the power to suspend your driving privileges locally and convict you on the DUI charges brought against you. This includes all DUI charges such as underage DUI, DUI accidents with injury, vehicular manslaughter and many others. The exchange of information applies as well for local residents who are convicted of DUI in another area. That data can be transmitted to our state authorities who may suspend your driving privileges.

New Criminal Defense Department for DUI Arrests

In our firm, Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP we have formed a new section, called the Criminal Defense department. It can help individuals that have been charged with DUI offenses, are from out of state and who need local professional assistance. Many of our staff have are former law enforcement, prosecutors and public defenders. We have thorough knowledge of the DUI laws and decades of experience in the local criminal justice system. This can pay big dividends for individuals that find themselves in dire need of successful defense strategies in DUI cases.

Being arrested for DUI does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. Sometimes, blood or breath tests for BAC are flawed or improperly administered, leaving room for doubt as regards intoxication levels. A police stop may have been improperly done or incorrect law enforcement procedures applied when you were arrested. An arrest for DUI with injury may prove to be unfounded, as the prosecutors may not be able to show that your actions were the actual cause of the accident. The important point is to seek help quickly to increase your chances for a positive outcome in your case.

Contact a Pasadena DUI Attorney immediately for help when you have been arrested on local DUI charges and your license has been suspended or revoked.

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