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Narcotics & DUI

DUI Involving Narcotics

If you are arrested for a DUI involving narcotics, you are in a very complex legal situation.  You will have to deal with the DMV regarding actions they may take against you, as well as the court regarding the DUI charge and separate drug charges.  Of course, all three interrelate and will be monitored to some degree by the progress and outcome of the others.  This is a difficult process from a purely administrative standpoint, completely aside from the penalties involved.  A Pasadena DUI lawyer can help you deal with this confusing and frightening situation.

An immediate order for suspension of your license will not be issued if alcohol is not also a factor.  A urine or blood test is required to detect drugs in one's system and results are not instantaneous.  In this case, a license suspension occurs only in the presence of a conviction.  If convicted, DUI penalties will be leveled on an enhanced basis due to the additional criminal charge

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At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, our Criminal Defense Department is available to help you.  Our extensive resources are invaluable and enable us to address your case with the thoroughness it deserves.  We will make our own investigation of the factors involved, including the validity of any tests performed.  It can happen that these turn out to be unacceptable as evidence and cannot therefore be used against you.

We will look into whatever factors may lead to your acquittal or reduced charges or penalties.  In California, possession of Schedule II narcotics is a felony and will subject you to the severity of the "three strikes law".  This is aside from any penalty which may be issued for the DUI charge.  With so much at stake, it behooves you to obtain stellar legal representation.  We have attorneys who are former law enforcement officials, former prosecutors and former public defenders.  This gives us invaluable insight into how a case will be prosecuted and allows us to defend you accordingly.

Contact a Pasadena DUI Lawyer for legal assistance with the complex process which follows an arrest for a DUI involving narcotics.

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