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Pasadena Field Sobriety Test Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for DUI based on field sobriety tests?

The fines and penalties for conviction on a DUI charge can adversely affect an individual's ability to work and perform the ordinary functions of their lives.  Consequences can be increased insurance costs, loss or suspension of your driver's license, a permanent criminal record and time spent in jail or prison.  At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP we know that the DMV gives a figure of 75% of those arrested for DUI are convicted.  It is vital, therefore, that a competent Pasadena DUI attorney be retained to secure a viable defense on your behalf. 

A key tool that law enforcement officials rely on in DUI cases is field sobriety tests.  The standard tests are:

  • One-Leg Stand (OLS) is a test in which a person is made to stand with one foot approximately 6 inches from the ground, while counting out loud by thousands.  The test is continued up to the point where a police officer commands them to stop.
  • The Walk and Turn commands an individual to take 9 steps in a perfectly straight line, heel to toe.  They are then asked to repeat the test in the opposite direction.
  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) is an involuntary jerk of the eye as a person looks to the side.  A person who is intoxicated can have this natural reflex magnified. 

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In our firm, all attorneys are certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on field sobriety testing.  This allows us to understand the tests and know their flaws.  Many people experience difficulties doing these tests, even when they are sober.  If a law enforcement officer subjectively feels that you did not follow his or her instructions adequately, you can be arrested. 

The HGN test depends on the judgment of the officer involved and no independent party can observe what the results of the tests were.  Test can be inaccurate due to their incorrect administration by an officer.  A person may have one or more physical condition that prevents them from adequately performing the tests no matter their level of intoxication or not.  Being arrested based on these tests does not have to equal a conviction.

Contact a Pasadena Field Sobriety Test Defense Lawyer when sobriety testing by the police has resulted in your arrest on DUI charges.    

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