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About DUI Defense - How Our Firm Can Help

When arrested for DUI, many individuals feel they have no recourse but to plead guilty and accept the consequences. A large majority of those charged end up with convictions on their record due to failing to take action in fighting their DUI arrest. A Pasadena DUI lawyer from Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP can provide skilled and knowledgeable legal representation to those facing these serious charges. With over two decades of expertise in criminal defense law, our firm provides clients with the caring and competent legal advocacy they deserve during this ordeal.

There are a number of valid defenses that can be used to fight your DUI charges, which must be implemented as soon as possible to improve your chances of success. First off, a DMV Hearing must be scheduled within ten days after your arrest. Failing to do so could result in your license being suspended for some time. By retaining our firm shortly after your arrest, we can begin to investigate all aspects of your arrest in order to present information at your hearing which could lead to you being able to keep your license.

Our firm has successfully represented client facing criminal charges relating to multiple DUI, felony DUI, federal DUI, BUI, narcotics & DUI, 21 and under DUI, DUI auto accidents, DUI accidents with injury and intoxication manslaughter. At our firm, we know the way to challenge DUI evidence to help avoid the penalties, such as mandatory installation of the Ignition Interlock Device, license suspension and vehicle impoundment. We are also well-versed in criminal issues relating to DUI appeals, DUI court process, as well as representing out of state license holders who have been arrested for DUI.

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When it comes to DUI consequences, we understand the ramifications that a conviction can bring. That is why we closely review any field sobriety tests and blood alcohol content (BAC) tests that were administered by law enforcement to prove their case. We have found that there is considerable inconsistency in the manner in which field sobriety tests are performed and inaccuracies in BAC tests due to faulty procedures or operator error. We therefore keep fully abreast on all laws pertaining to DUI in order to present a strong defense on your behalf. We know what steps to take to protect your license and freedom and will vigorously pursue all actions necessary.

We have found a great many of these readings taken are unreliable due to various factors such as the improper training for the person conducting the test, improper maintenance or calibration of the machine or even a medical condition you may suffer from that could affect the results. This opens the door to possible defense that can be used on your behalf.

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